License to Steal

National Wine
Marketing Conference  

Get inspired, share your experiences and steal from the best marketing minds in the industry


“A place where wineries, growers and ancillary entities willingly share, collaborate and contribute to the future strength of the grape and wine communities across the nation. Sessions are lively, interactive and led by some of the most exciting marketing minds in the business.”  - Donniella Winchell, Conference Chair


Two events. Pennsylvania, OHIO


Who should attend?

ANYONE directly involved in the wine industry: owners, general managers, marketers, tasting room staff and event planners should attend License to Steal, the National Wine Marketing Conference.

Additionally, those that wish to build stronger relationships with their area wineries, including trade organizations and governmental wine-supportive entities, tourism professionals, lodgers, restaurants, transportation services, and regional attractions are invited to inspire, share and, of course, steal.


LTS Lancaster Pennsylvania

Eastern Winery Exposition
Lancaster, Pennsylvania March 10-12, 2020

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Gervasi Vineyards
Canton, Ohio
April 28-29, 2019

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A little bit of history


License to Steal was "born" nearly 15 years ago when seven state association directors gathered together to share dynamic and cutting edge marketing ideas, which, at the time, were not a part of any other American wine and grape conference. Over the years it has grown to become one of the most respected conferences of its kind. The current program owes a debt of gratitude to the following states for helping to launch what has become "LTS."